Record and replay players behaviors

Replay sample visit

Use It Better allows you to record and replay players’ behaviors as if you were sitting next to them. Watching real players helps to identify problems in user experience, but in fact, there are multiple use cases that make Use It Better a perfect tool for game developers during all project stages.

Find out how record and replay works.

Real user experience

There could be tens of people testing your game before release, but it’s real visitors experience that actually matter. With Use It Better you can see how they play, what they click and when they leave your game.

3 steps to a flawless game

Find out why users bounce and leave your game,


Learn why users can’t complete performing important tasks,


See which elements of the interface are misleading.

Remote tests

Contrary to Google Analytics, Use It Better can come handy before you even release a project. When you pitch your client, create the first mockup, start UI implementation – you can already identify and fix problems, before you go too far with the development and fixing problems would cost you too much time and money.

3 steps to a user centered design

Send a link to your testers (or just your friends),


Analyze their visits and come up with improvements,


Iterate tests again and again until user experience is flawless

Protect your flash games and competitions

If you have ever made a game, especially with valuable prizes, then you know how difficult it is to find out which high-scores are real and which are hacked. Use It Better can help you identify who’s cheating and how. No more worrying about Cheat Engine, speed hacks memory editing or even bots.

3 steps to fair-play results

Record actions and scores of every single player


Use filters to detect typical hacks


Analyze visits of top scorers to see if they were actually playing the game.