Analytic Reports for Adobe Flash

Use It Better is not only about watching replays of visitors activity. The cool thing about it is that it allows you to easily switch between analyzing individual visits and aggregated data.

Video Tour

Watch a one minute video tour of Use It Better:


Analytics for flash - Activity Report

Activity report gives you a snapshot on what’s been happening on your website lately. From visits evaluations, through traffic origins, key performance metrics, to network buzz around your project.
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Analytics for flash - Paths Report

Paths report aggregates sequences of visited sections into easy to follow paths. Just click through, to understand navigation flow and detect sections where most visitors exit your website.
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Analytics for flash - Trends Report

Trends report shows how visitors’ activity change in time. Combine it with filtering to compare different visit scenarios key performance indicators.
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Analytics for flash - Visit Report

Visits report gives you access to individual visits. You can browse them, replay, comment or analyze visitors activity log.
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