Activity Report

The first thing you see, when you log in to analytics panel is the Activity report which gives you a snapshot on what’s been happening on your game lately.

Happy Sad

Use It Better prescreens the latest sessions matching them against key performance indicators like actions or session length and in the result marks them as happy or sad. It also searches for potential compatibility issues, technological barriers or browsing patterns to come up with hints on what influences players experience. To confirm evaluation, replay prescreened sessions directly from Acitvity Reporty.

Recent sessions
evaluation based
on Key Performance Indicators

Confirm evaluation
by replaying sessions

Keep up to date
with current traffic
sources to your

See how players
find your game
in search engines

Compare performance
of returning players
and first timers

Find out where
people spend time
in your game

Quickly evaluate
user experience
in specific sections
with animated
events map

Network buzz around
your project directly
from your analytics

Low budget? Use
a free plan and
buy extra recordings
when needed

Events map

Besides replaying sessions, you can use events map which provides animated representation of players’s activity: rollovers, clicks, key strikes and actions performed. This way you can review numerous sessions within a minute to see how different players behaved in a specific section of your game.

Daily check

Activity report can also provide you with the most recent traffic sources, core metrics for returning players and first timers and even network buzz around your project making it worth checking it every single day.