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We help optimize Customers Journeys worth billions of dollars.

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Understand & Influence Your Customers

The only analytics to get you covered in unexpected situations.
Whatever happens, there will be data to support you and take actions upon it.

  • Discover & Quantify
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    • Tag-free Collection of Behavioral Data

      Automatically capture all user's interactions with your website - every move, every click, every form entry.

    • Retrospective Data Segmentation

      Use interactions, metadata about users, their purchases and A/B tests they were in to define your segments.

    • Qualitative Research Process

      Analyze journeys of individual users in defined segments to understand why they converted or dropped out from a funnel.

    • Quantified User Experience

      Put numbers on users' issues to stay focused on important problems and win stakeholders' attention.

  • Target & Test
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    • Live Behavioral Targeting

      Use defined segments to target new users and influence their behaviors with ready-made modules or custom tags.

    • A/B Test Everything

      Enable product team to quickly deploy A/B tests, measure their results and find out why they fail or succeed.


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